2020 , Time to Bet on yourself

February 2020,

One month down, 11 more to go to the new year. Hah!

How are you doing? how are your 2020 resolutions?

Did you note down your resolutions?

Here’s another one, how did you do on your 2019 resolutions?

Well, I tried, but I did not do that well.

My 2019 resolutions were text book perfect; you know them well because I am sure we share some. Start hitting the gym, save more, eat healthy, make homemade pastry, travel more and reduce my TV time.

I will give myself some credit; I tried to improve on my reading, I travelled a bit , not as much as I would have loved to because who wouldn’t want to travel all over the world  ;  but for the home made pastry ..well…… let’s just say we do not want to put  the bakeries and bread companies out of business .

Having performed badly in 2019, I decided to do something different in 2020; I wrote down only one resolution

In 2020, I will choose happiness.

In 2020, I am betting on myself over and over again.

Why not try the same, betting on yourself!

Because betting on yourself guarantees success; Betting on yourself means believing in the awesome person you are and in the effective person you can be. Betting on yourself means believing in your dreams and having confidence in your potential. Is it always a sure bet, well not entirely but this way you will always know that you put your best foot forward and most importantly you tried.  Always take time to acknowledge yourself for the small things you do, even when you do not accomplish the larger ones ; Appreciate yourself for the time  , effort and energy invested to get the end goal. List down your achievement and keep adding on to the list, eventually you will discover that betting on yourself is in itself winning.

The beginning of a new year gives us a false notion of a new start , but really the only thing that changes is how we sign the date ; the job we had on 31st Dec is the job we have on 1st January unless otherwise ; life partner  is still the same person  ( with all their lovely and annoying habits still intact ) , the children still there only maybe moving to a higher class or joining school like my little heart beat which means more financial responsibility . The house, Car, debts and loans we had don’t disappear with the beginning of a new year.

So, what really changes with the new year?   I think that the one thing that can truly change and redefine our life in the new year is changing our mindset. When you decide to change your mindset then the new year will bring about a Fresh start.  Underline Decide!

Most if not all things that happen in our lives are as result of a choice we made. The simple choice of waking up early versus hitting the snooze button to the major life choices.

So make that conscious and deliberate effort to bet on yourself from the time you wake up , to the time you go to bed .

You see by the end of the year we are talking about our wins, our failures and all cursing out the people who let us down. Friends who never showed up when we needed them and family who turned their backs when we needed a shoulder to lean on. This year, I am changing my tune; I am turning a new leaf; I am betting on myself. Because betting on myself means that I take control of my life and my happiness and thus removing any expectations from other people. I love my friends and family, and I will be grateful when and if they show up but ultimately it will not matter because they no longer hold any power over my happiness and in turn, they can also live their lives to the fullest devoid of any grand expectations from me.  

So why not start your day by choosing to bet on yourself?

Choose to commit to your passions and your interests; choose to give energy to things that make you Happy and Things that add value to your life. Choose to focus only on the positive aspects of yourself and your brain will begin to accept the beautiful qualities that you bring to the table.  

As we begin this new week think about the little ways you will bet on yourself, start small and move upwards.

You can do this, You’ve Got this.

About the author
I describe myself as an introverted extrovert, A lover of life and people. I am that girl with a loud laugh, I love my books, my writing, my music and a fun road trip with great company will just seal the deal.

23 thoughts on “2020 , Time to Bet on yourself

  1. I didn’t write down any resolution this year… I’ve decided to live my best and fullest one day at a time, to do me and be kind to myself.

    Betting on me sounds like a superb idea!

    1. Resolutions help us to plan and be more intentional on our decisions. When we write down our plans they become more real , so try and write up something that you hope to achieve . put it on your dressing table so that it can remind you of your end goal.

  2. Mukami I love❤️❤️.i
    Intend to start reading books.hope you will walk with me ☺️

    1. Of course dear ; I already sent you a nice book to read . Hope you enjoy it . Thank you for the support

  3. I really needed this..its in my resolution..thank you Mukami, keep on encouraging and reminding us of how important we are to ourselves.

    1. Thank You for taking your time to read this . I appreciate the feedback .

  4. Well put girl. For sure you have inspired me to Bet on myself. Yes I want to be a better me this year to better others too.

  5. Well said dear indeed it is worthy to have a plan in life in order to have an end goal.
    And choosing happiness is the way to go.
    As for the books,I would love to start reading books in order to be motivated.If it pleases you to guide me on this I will appreciate.
    I am always motivated whenever I read your post.Go gal

  6. Just what I needed to read this day, when I was feeling abit down. Telling myself that this patting myself on the back is abit hard but with this read, I have learnt that patting myself on the back could be the only thing that I have to make me prosper and achieve what I want.

  7. Always looking forward to a new topic from you. I hardly achieve my resolutions, but 2020 I made one resolution to be selfish, to choose me and what I consider important and unlike other resolutions that I never achieved, I’m happy I’ve said no because yes an answer would have made orher people comfortable but not me.

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