An Open Letter to my Mother

My mother and her daughters

Dear Mother

Let me start by saying that you are phenomenal woman!

You are a great woman; I am proud to have your name

You who single handedly raised My sister and I, you who made me the woman I am today, You sacrificed your happiness for us. Your efforts and hard work were not in vain.

I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for all your love, your care and your selfless dedication to us.

I have watched you through the years, You are a woman of strength, resilience, Humility and wisdom. Most importantly you taught us about forgiveness and Grace by example.

You keep apologizing for not giving a good childhood, for not giving us what the world would term as good enough. I am here to tell you that I would never have asked for a better mother; We had a great childhood full of laughter, edification and great memories.

With the help of God, you provided all we needed. We had food and shelter and we got the best education with the limited resources that you had; but the best of all is that we spent quality time with you.

I will never forget the Saturday afternoons that we spent with you telling me stories about Mau Mau, Kenyatta and the missionaries who paved way for the colonialists you always said, β€˜the flag followed the cross’. I admired your story telling skills. I remember when you narrated story of the Government Inspector and the Merchant of Vernice; to you it was a simple story but for me that was the beginning of my love story with Books.  

I am sorry for all the times I caused you pain, for all the times I made you doubt your capabilities and made you cry. I know I was not the easiest child, somewhere around my teenage years you almost lost me but you never gave up on me; You prayed for me and you fought for me. For that I will always be grateful.

My mother Felista , My sister Kagendo and I

I thought I had seen the best of you as my mother, then came my little son and another side of you showed up. A Youthful loving and caring grandmother; a woman who loves our children more than she loves herself. You have nursed my son, taken care of him and shown him more patience than I could have.

I am proud to say you are my greatest friend, my biggest supporter and the one person who keeps pushing me to achieve my greatest potential.

Dear Mother, All I am; and all I ever hope to be, I owe it all to you. My greatest Desire is that I can live to be half the woman you are. I pray that I can inspire my children the way you have inspired and motivated me.

With Love Mukami

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I describe myself as an introverted extrovert, A lover of life and people. I am that girl with a loud laugh, I love my books, my writing, my music and a fun road trip with great company will just seal the deal.

13 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my Mother

  1. Thank you my sister. She’s the best mum in the world. May the Lord always be with her

  2. Thanks to Mama for raising a great woman like you, may she live long πŸ™and I SALUTE her 😍😍😍

  3. Awesome! Noone is like a mother, reading thru i see unconditional love umeasurable support and a mother who embraced you. I met her and i say she is a great woman.

    God bless mama

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