Making a Comeback !

Well, it’s been a few months since I logged on and boy did, I miss you all !! Yes, I am here! I really can’t explain a lot about why I went under, all I can say is that I found myself in a bad place all of a sudden. After having done so well in a lot of months I did not think depression would kick in after the progress I had made. I felt like life was giving me blow after blow and I had to take a step back.

So, I decided to take a step back, to honor my low moments, to acknowledge that grieving does not entirely end. I took time to heal and prioritized on self-care; I took time to lose weight which was weighing me down, I took time to celebrate myself and my wins. I took time to hang out with my family and laugh my heart out with well-meaning friends, I sang and danced in my car (I still do), shopped for and wore clothes that brought me joy, I went for photo shoots, meditated, still journaled and took time to cultivate experiences that were more relaxing, recharging and revitalizing for myself.

I took time to meet me again.

I have meet so many people who told me how much my blog helped them in their time of grief and loneliness, I was humbled beyond words to know hear this. I also realized that a lot of people are going through tough times especially when it comes to infant loss and raising up preemies. I also felt guilty for not being consistent in my writing but I am here now! I am here to hold your hand and help you walk this journey, as I walk it myself.

I have prepared a list of afew topics that I would love to share in the next couple of weeks that I pray will be a blessing to someone out there. This is me reaching out to you my awesome readers. Share on the topics that you would love to read about on this blog. Your kind thoughts, comments and encouragement always give me the strength to share my experiences.

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I describe myself as an introverted extrovert, A lover of life and people. I am that girl with a loud laugh, I love my books, my writing, my music and a fun road trip with great company will just seal the deal.

10 thoughts on “Making a Comeback !

  1. Your Comment.Glad that you are back mukami.It’s true grieving never ends,one day you feel strong the other you just want to cry.

  2. The joy of the Lord will forever be your strength. Mukami you are destined for greatness your pain and trials in life being the book for others to read to their healing and restoration.
    God is so amazing his ways are not our ways. May the Spirit of God reveal to you to be a blessing to many.

  3. You are a warrior who is fearless & courageous. Reading ur blogs has made me know u better Mukami. You are a source of inspiration to so many mums. I love the way you tell the story, at some point one may think you are a journalist. Please write more and more, we are waiting.

    1. Thank you my dear , Thank you for your consistent encouragements and support .

  4. The death of a loved one is uncalcalated blow that changes your life forever. The pain really never goes away. Blessings my dear as you journey on.

    1. Thank you very Much . its very true . the pain never goes away . but we can all heal

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