Maybe its time to reconnect with the simple things in life

To show the beauty of the simple things that make life worthwhile

Hi Good people  

It’s been a minute!

We are living in what is called the COVID-19 times; we have been advised to self-isolate or quarantine ourselves while maintaining the act of social distance to help contain the spread of the disease.

How is the self-isolation and Quarantine period treating you?  

So, whether you are on self-isolation or quarantine please protect yourself and others by washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, if water and soap are not available please use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.  Clean disinfect all surfaces frequently; Wear a protective face-mask as well a keep social distance when you are out in public. This cannot be said enough times.

Back to our piece today;

Staying at home has really given me time to think about the life we are living; will life ever go back to normal. Do we even know what normal looks like anymore?

We have moved from the pre-COVID-19 times where we have been dealing with complex issues. The complexity of our lives i.e. jobs, Relationships, Finances, technology even politics ;has been replaced by the simpler yet critical matters; wash your hands, stay home and keep social distance.

OH, how the mighty have fallen. From the Popular Politician , to the PHD holder who runs a big NGO , the lawyer who uses all the big words ;  to the Messenger in the office and the gate man at the door have similar instructions to survive ; wash your hands , stay home and keep social distance.

And now we finally know who are the essential workers; sad to see that they are not the people we give the most respect to … but I digress.

We have become greedy and self-serving; we are busy chasing the money and the big dream; you know ; the big dream will all have . It may vary from person to person but enough people major on attaining the fifth or highest level on the Maslow’s hierarchy on needs ;Self-actualization.

We are all at different levels of the theoretical pyramid; Some of us are looking for the lower needs, I Call them Basic needs i.e food, water, warmth and rest accompanied by shelter, security and safety. Middle level needs are the psychological needs which speak to our esteem ; where love and the feeling of belonging rules.  Thus, explains the identity clubs we have around; Guys who own a certain car model, book clubs, social clubs name it.

Now the highest level is the self-actualization level;where we all want to be ; achieving our fullest potential without sweating about the small stuff which in this case we can call the basic stuff.

The major twist or rather, the one thing about life is that no one can accurately predict the future. We all look forward to a perfect finish. This alone gives us the drive and motivation to do anything we can to get that picture-perfect ending. The moment where everything we have worked for and every hardship, we have endured finally makes sense; But here we are COVID-19 has walked into our life and snatched the little control we thought we have.

Now that we have been indoors for a while, our jobs and business shut if not on a go slow…..

Then we begin to think.

We Definity need to change our priorities; As individuals and as a society.

We have become consumed by the pursuit of what now looks ambiguous. This Pursuit has driven us towards selfishness, hate and exhaustion. Even mother earth has had enough with our constant desire to poke and extract more and more even when she is clearly depleted.

But What if the dream is in the smaller stuff …?

You know the simpler stuff ?

That firm handshake we all miss, that warm hug from a good friend; the opportunity to share a good hearty laugh with a few high fives just to show the intensity of the moment; the communion with family and friends.

The simplicity of taking a walk in a crowded park, the simple yet now rare ability to walk into your favorite joint to have one for the road or maybe just the mundane ability of walking into the supermarket to buy the basic bread without the fear of death by touch.

What have we been chasing if by the end of it all the survival tips we need are to wash our hands and stay at home? This is a wonderful time to think about what drives us and perhaps look at what is keeping us alive as well as poses a threat to us all.

Is it the human connection that we now miss, or the freedom that has been imprecisely taken from us …?

OR Maybe it’s the ability to create new ways of being alive and well.

Think about it …

Its time to reconnect with the simple things in life

Maybe it’s time to take this time to find the small moments that actually make life beautiful and magical without looking for the textbook perfect moment.

About the author
I describe myself as an introverted extrovert, A lover of life and people. I am that girl with a loud laugh, I love my books, my writing, my music and a fun road trip with great company will just seal the deal.

22 thoughts on “Maybe its time to reconnect with the simple things in life

  1. Great analysis of these times. We shall no longer take for granted the simple things of life.

  2. Wow what a message so encouraging,very powerful.Actually it has made me to think big and not to take anything for granted

  3. Can’t agree with you more: “This is a wonderful time to think about what drives us…”. Keep it up Nelius.

  4. What a wonderful piece my sister, this has really given us opportunity to reconnect with the simple but important realities of life which we have been taking for granted.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read it. Its true its tine to really reconnect with the little things in life .

  5. What an awesome read..
    Goes very well with the season we’re in.
    Bless you.

  6. Great piece…. I keep wondering how we’ve all been paying attention to things that God can overturn in a second….instead of actually paying more attention to him
    God is simple and clear, we are complex and complicated

  7. It’s so amazing, I love this.feel like l want to read more. God Bless you sister

  8. Wow. Great piece dear. I’ll never take anything for granted. God bless you and keep it up.

  9. No more worrying about things I can not control, instead I want to learn to be grateful for the smaller things I tend to ignore or take for granted. Beautiful piece at the right time.

  10. Very great piece. Its time to reconnect with what really matters!
    Thanks Mukami

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